Cherry Blossoms and Dress Hunting

It’s been a great week. My sister was in town for the past seven days and even though we both had to work our butts off all week we still managed to sneak in some fun. Friday night I picked her up from the metro and we headed over to White Flint Mall to begin our bridesmaid dress hunt. We needed some fuel so we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for some drinks and food. Sorry, I haven’t taken pictures while eating out in awhile, and don’t really plan to again any time soon…but we’ve all been to the Cheesecake Factory. The food looked awesome and tasted awesome. Now that I work in a restaurant, I honestly don’t know how they manage to work a menu that large. It’s still baffling me.
Anyways, after dinner and sweet-talking the waiter (he was African and I was totally looking for travel tips for our potential honeymoon) we headed out to the ghost mall that we call White Flint. There were maybe five people walking around and two of them were reading books by the elevator. I do love DC, but the shopping is sort of awful around here. We headed to Lord and Taylor, Ann Taylor and William Sonoma. William Sonoma does not have bridesmaid dresses, but they do have a sharpening stone that I desperately need. We didn’t find anything that we liked and left empty handed. No progress, but we weren’t that discouraged.
On Saturday we decided to take Reddick down to the Tidal Basin to walk around and look at the Cherry Blossoms. (Should they be capitalized?! I vote yes. They are cool and important.) Of course, I knew the city would be a mess with the marathon and spring break crowds, but we drove down and managed to find a parking spot in about fifteen minutes. It was such a beautiful day and everyone was out to enjoy it.
After that we headed to a St. Patty’s Day BBQ but headed home early because I had to work at 7am. Luckily I was able to get out early and enjoy brunch at Founding Farmers with my sister and a friend. Then we headed to a much better mall, Montgomery Mall. At least we knew we would have some luck with Nordstrom…and we did! We found four dresses are are right along the lines of the colors that I want. We are┬ádefinitely┬ámaking progress and I hope to get some dresses ordered soon to send out to my bridesmaids.
Did everyone have a good St. Patrick’s Day? I hope so! I know my mom did…it was her birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to my mom from all of us in DC!

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