Tervis Tumbler Love

A few weeks ago Foodbuzz and Tervis Tumbler sent me one of their famous double-walled cups to try out and write about. I’ve always been a huge fan of the tumblers but have not stocked my shelves with them (yet) because they are a little on the pricey side. While they are more expensive than a regular coffee tumbler or cup, it’s well worth the extra few dollars. Why?
  • They are made in America
  • For hot and cold beverages (and they actually keep drinks hot or cold and don’t turn to lukewarm awfulness)
  • Microwave-Freezer-Dishwasher safe
  • Reduces condensation (a life saver…you won’t understand until you get one)
These are just a few of the reasons to prove that they are well worth the purchase. As soon as I got mine, my fiancee picked it right up and had a glass of milk. I washed the cup and then decided I was going to take it to school with me because it would be a great place to show it off. Well, that night I came home and MJW was a little furious, “where is that cup!?” I told him I took it to school to show it off and tell my classmates about Foodbuzz and Tervis Tumblers and he insisted that I bring it home. In fact, his exact response was “I’ll talk to you about Foodbuzz everday, bring it home.”
The cup is still at school and it looks like I know what one of MJW’s stocking stuffers is going to be. I love having it at school because it doesn’t have any condensation. The cups we use at school get water droplets almost immediately and it runs on to my notes and also on to the table that I’m trying to cook on. I put coffee in it in the morning and it stays hot all through lecture. By the time we are on our way into the kitchen, I’ve cleaned it out and filled it with water. It goes with me everywhere.
I honestly think this item would make a great holiday gift. There are so many different themes and designs to choose from and I know the person receiving it will love it. Just make sure to get three, one for them, their spouse and you!
I recieved the Tumbler for being a member of the Foodbuzz Tastemasters Program. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, just the free cup that they sent me.