Planning To Plan

I find it hard to believe that we have been engaged for almost two months! Almost every day I find myself daydreaming back to Christmas Eve and wishing to relive that day over and over again.
I know a few other couples who got engaged around that time and they seem to have everything under control. Their planning has begin, date has been set, dress is picked out…it’s well underway. Our story doesn’t really go like that. Our planning has barely started.
I am a planner. I will be the first to admit that. At first I wanted to jump right in, set a date, get things sorted and have our wedding within the year. Now that I have had some time to think about it, I really want it to be perfect and we have decided to take our time and plan things slowly and carefully. Plus, I love being engaged! I love telling our story and showing people my ring. I think it’s a really fun time in our relationship that shouldn’t be taken for granted, because before we know it, our wedding will be over and done with. There are so many things that I want to happen between now and the end of my wedding, I should really slow down and take my time.
We do have three things that we need to accomplish first, and then we are smooth sailing (right, brides?!). I guess we could call this my first “wedding planning post”. So here it goes, the three things that once they are done, our wedding planning has officially set off…
Pick a date. Stating the obvious, right? If you read our entry for the contest, I said that a New Years Eve wedding would be our ultimate wedding date. It’s a great idea, but not set in stone at all. The cold kind of terrifies me but the snow is so pretty. A summer or fall wedding also makes perfect sense. I guess we need to pick a season and then a date.
How cute is this picture?

Pick a place. And by place I mean place in the world, church, venue, etc. (I guess this is multiple steps.) We live in the DC area. All of our family is in the Adirondacks. We had some awesome times in Orlando. And I’m sure that the Caribbean is a beautiful place to get married, but so is Paris, and Africa (MJW’s idea). We all know that it makes the most sense to get married up north, but who knows where we will choose…

A wedding on Lake Placid (this venue is where I had my prom)
A wedding somewhere in paradise

Selecting the wedding party. For me, this seems like the most stressful part. It kind of makes my stomach hurt thinking about it. I have amazing people in my life and it’s going to be hard to narrow it down. But my wedding mantra has been whatever we decide will be perfect. I’ll just keep saying that to myself over and over again.

My aunt had the cutest little flower girl in the whole world, my cousin Reid! By the time I make all my decisions she might be old enough to be a bridesmaid…
It looks like I have some pretty hard decisions to make, but they will be fun! I can’t wait for it all to begin.
Bring on the wedding advice! What were the first three things you checked off on your wedding planning list?

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