Puppy Love

Look who wants to say hi!

He looks so stoic and mature. My little boy is growing up.
One of the cool things about going back to school is that you get to meet new people. While we’ve learned that I might not be a class favorite to some, I have been lucky enough to meet a few people that have become really great friends. While we have all become close another discovery has been made – our dogs are meant for each other.
This is Lillian, Reddick’s new friend. She’s the cutest little beagle. While you might not be able to tell from their facial expressions in these photos, we’re convinced they love each other.
This one has to be my favorite.
There is nothing better than meeting a good match for your pup. Sometimes when it’s too crappy to bring them outside or we’re just tired from a long day at school, we just bring the dogs together and they wear themselves out. They make a mess, but I think a lot of you can understand how awesome it is to wear your puppy out.
Love is in the air.

Reddick’s New Life

Until yesterday, I felt a little bad for leaving Reddick alone all day. While he has graduated from being crated all day and has free reign of the living room, it still must suck being here alone all day. He’s been so good. Like, almost too good. I’m so surprised that he hasn’t completely destroyed something at this point. I won’t work him out in the morning because I really think that it just makes him crazy. We spend the afternoon at the park once I get home.

Anyways, I felt bad until yesterday because yesterday was my first Friday home with him and I got to see what he does all day. I’m crazy jealous.

I cleaned my cabinets, did laundry, vacuumed, moved furniture and the kid didn’t budge. If only we could all take day long naps…

Reddick’s First Swim

Well, he’s no Michael Phelps…(from MJW)

He gave it a good shot, but our boy is not a great swimmer. It was a little cloudy today, so instead of going to the pool as planned, we went up to a trail that runs along the river in hopes of getting Reddick in the water. I’m sure he would have rather stayed home and done this all day.

We walked for about ten minutes before finding a good spot that you could walk right into the water.

Reddick was not having it. Treats and all, he was not getting in the water on his own.

He seemed a little curious…but still, not the excitement we had hoped.

Go save Dad? Nope. Just watching from the shore.

Finally the boys went off on their own and had a little success in their alone time.
Yes, MJW and Reddick are so amazing that they can walk on water. I’m a lucky girl.
 At this point, we were ready to just drag him in. He can’t learn without getting out there and giving it a shot.
Minor success. I wish I had a video camera. Reddick’s swimming form is hilarious.

Suddenly another couple and their dog showed up, offering to help get Reddick in the water. This was definitely our best shot. He was chasing after the other dog and finally getting all the way in.

After his little swimming lesson, He hung out in the sun giving us all nasty looks.
I hope he forgives us.
I know he had fun. He was pooped and passed out with the other boys as soon as we got home.

Another Pupdate

I hope that everyone is staying safe and sound while it seems like this entire side of the country is under a tornado warning.

I’m pretty much banking on the fact that our power is going to go out. It goes out on beautiful sunny days. We don’t stand a chance during a tornado watch.
Before I get to another beloved puppy-post, I’ll share with you my post-workout dinner. Tonight I did 20 minutes on the eliptical and a leg workout for 40 minutes. It was great! Until the thunder came and I jetted back upstairs…
Dinner was an egg and avocado pita with left over Barilla Summer Tortellini Salad. It’s all gone, so I hope I make it to the next round so I can make some more! Sorry for the blurry pic…
Reddick has been ridiculously good lately, so I thought he deserved another update on the blog, another Pupdate, as I like to call them. (I will call him a puppy until he’s an old man, just a heads up.)
Speaking of age, it’s safe to say that Reddick is one year old! I can’t believe it.
He’s been coming to work with me a lot lately, and sometimes we are blessed with moments like these.
Reddick and Chaka aren’t exactly best pals, but we’re making progress. I don’t blame Chaka for not wanting his crazy, hyper puppy self running all over the office. She’s a good mentor, whether she knows it or not. If only she would teach him how to not storm the UPS man every time he walks into the door. I swear him and Reddick have this crazy bond going on (or it could just be the biscuits he stores in his pockets).
In order to keep things sane, Reddick and I gate ourselves in my office. He tries his best to sneak out. Today he learned he can literally run through the gate. I hope he forgets by tomorrow.
Eventually, he does wear out. He is still the best cuddler around.
He’s loving the dog park and making new friends. He could play fetch for hours.
He also loves making a mess of my car.
What I am loving lately is his perma-grin. He’s always smiling! Well, he’s really just hot and adapting to this heat, but I like to think that he’s smiling.
I still can’t get enough of him doing this…
The chair is absolutely destroyed (from him jumping on and off) and full of dog hair – but who cares? He looks so darn cute up there.
Have a good night everyone!

I wonder what he’s thinking

He looks so deep in thought, doesn’t he? I’ve realized that Reddick likes to do this a lot when he has the house to himself. There isn’t much to look at outside that window other than the back of the Giant Supermarket, but I’m sure he finds something to keep himself entertained.

It’s a good thing we don’t really like that chair because now it’s covered in dog hair.
I feel like things have been really crazy the past few months and a lot has been on my mind. Can you believe February is halfway over?? I think it’s so crazy. Sometimes I’m a little envious that Reddick gets to sit in this quiet and peaceful condo by himself all day relaxing and (maybe?) thinking. What I would do for five minutes like that…
Hopefully an upcoming trip will relieve a little tension. Today I planned a trip to go down to Florida next month. I am really looking forward to taking a break from the craziness here. I am going to fly into West Palm Beach for a meeting for work and then drive to Orlando for a few days. After that, I’m spending a good solid seven days with my mom, aunt and little cousin in Clearwater. I am going to do all that I can to actually make it vacation, and not spend all of my time working. Hopefully after that little trip, I’ll feel refreshed and a little more relaxed.
Not all of us can always plan a trip to Florida to relax. Here are a few things I do when I need a break during the everyday “normalness”:
  • Workout. I think the best workouts always come after a bad day.
  • Relax in the sauna.  We are so lucky to have a sauna in our building. I always feel so refreshed after I go in there.
  • Go to the library. I love the peacefulness of the library. Everyone is quiet and concentrating on something. I could browse through the books for hours and hours.
  • Take a bath. I feel like I never take as many baths as I should. They are so comforting and might even help me sleep better at night. I feel like the whole condo gets quieter as soon as I sink into the tub.
  • Nap with Reddick. Dogs sleep a lot and sometimes you just have to crawl up next to them and doze off with them. The world will still be there when I wake up. It’s ok to take a little break.
What do you like to do to relax and take time to think?